Tan cerca (Across the Universe, #2)

7626 stars
Beth Revis

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Title Tan cerca (Across the Universe, #2)
Rating 7626 stars
Author Beth Revis
Pages 495
Isbn NA
Review OH...MY...GOSH. This book...you guys... I am over the top excited to be able to review this book. I had no idea it would be heading to me in the mail, and when I got a package from Razorbill, I made myself SWEAR not to get too excited as I opened up the envelope. But there it was. A shiny, brand new copy of Across the Universe's sequel, for me, who probably tormented Beth Revis by sending her so many pictures and holy crap Beth you're amazing tweets. This was absolutely one of my most anticipated reads in a loooong time, and I have nothing but praise for it :)

I'll start with the Cover. I love it. So, SO much. It is perfect for this book, and I can't say why exactly, but this cover just fits so well.

When I first started reading, I had to go slow, because so much happened in ATU, and that was so long ago, that it was a little hard to remember every little detail. But Revis does a good job of recapping everythinga nd reeling you back in lightning fast. The book starts out instantly...withing the first few pages, by dealing the characters a HUGE game-changer (which of course, I cannot reveal!! The mystery is so good in this one! Who is doing everything?! Who is the bad guy?! Are they really bad, or are they good?! OH MY STARS, the frexing drama! Oh, the frexing amazing plotting skills, Beth! Oh, the ability to curse in Godspeed lingo without really cursing on Sol-Earth. FREX!) and you are instantly flipping pages to figure out what happens next. I'll just go through a few bullet points, because SO much happens in this book, and I can't reveal a single thing without giving it all away!!

-The Mystery-
the cool thing about this book is that the mystery is even bigger- the stakes are WAY higher than what happened in book one, with the frozens. This time, it's everyone's life on the ship that's in danger... including Godspeed itself.
-The Characters-
I feel for Amy so much in this one. She's struggling to fit into a world where she completely stands out, and now that everyone on the ship is off of Phydus, it is even more dangerous for her. Including her problems with Luthor, one of the most hate-worthy characters in all of YA lit for the way he treats women! So awesome job on making his character super believable, Beth! Beth throws in another Harley-type character named Victria, and it allows the reader to see that these people on the ship have real problems, the same kind that we wish we could run away from. Even in space, they are there.
-Godspeed is seriously in distress, and it really gives the reader a chance to see just how hard it is for Elder to lead. He has to make a ton of hard decisions, and the way his chapters are written leave you feeling just as anxious and distressed as he is.
-The romance between Amy and Elder. It is so perfectly written, the struggles, the confusion between them, the moments where you are just screaming COME ON ALREADY! in their scenes.
-The Plot-
Overall, it's hard sometimes for a book to capture me from beginning to end. But this one did exactly that, and I actually ended up staying up until 3am last night so that I could finish the mystery. And I'm up just a few hours later to review it. THAT'S HOW AMAZING IT WAS!! I needed to know what the end would be, because the mystery..oh, the mystery. You guys, it is so SO good, all of the clues, the confusion, the fact that you get to see Amy being so strong despite her situation...The stakes were so high that I was afraid if I left the book and came back...everything would change, and I'd miss out on something huge! It felt so realistic, from the scientific explanations, to all of the new technology you see, to the feeling of being trapped, and the crazy distress that comes from thousands of people finally realizing the danger of their situation and questioning their leader. It's scary. It's real. It's everything I ever hoped book 2 would be.

I don't give starred reviews for my books. But for this one....I'm going to have to give it A MILLION SUNS. That's just how good it was, and I am beyond excited for the rest of the world to read it! :)

:::Faces Camera::: Beth, if you're out there....if you can see this, Beth. You are amazing. :::Looks over shoulder. Lights flicker::: You have a choice to make, Beth. And it's that you have to write book three. Can you do it? You have to. Because if you dont... :::Eyes go wide:::: ....If you don't, Beth...I will probably die. ---End of Video---


I have mixed feelings about this book.

The Good

1. The characters all have their flaws. No one comes off as heroic, nor does anyone come off as evil. Everyone struggles with who and where they are. No one is satisfied, yet no one is entirely unhappy. It's a realistic feel to it.

2. The plot was interesting and satisfying as a sequel (but predictable). Unlike Across the Universe it wasn't as blantantly obvious who was behind the chaos, but it doesn't take much effort to figure it out (Well who's left that would disagree with Elder/Amy's methods?)

3. The romance worked well. It's not insta-love which is always a plus in my book.

4. Elder. At times I thought of him as naive but quickly his mistakes would be pointed out, his naivety would be criticized and you can't help but want the best for him. And just for him to be happy in general.

The Bad

1. Heavy author's hand. Tons of moments were it could have gone one way or the other just fine. Yet, the more plausible choice is thrown out the window since it's not as exciting or more tedious toward the plot. Every book suffer's from this, and sometimes it's not a bad thing. It's just, obvious things could have played out differently, even better for the plot and characters.

2. The riots. Number one thing about being unhappy--you have to know what happy is. You have to want that happiness to not be contempt with your life. The French Revolution that Bartie read up on, got the idea of hungry stomach fuel revolutions (by the way Marie Antoinette never said, let them eat cake. It's a false myth). The thing is, those people (French) saw how the other side lived and saw how unfair life was. How the rich lazed about in their fine homes while the poor suffered from the worst winter and food shortage France had ever seen. Debt was coming out of France's ears Thanks to Louie XIV. When the people finally were able to get the aristocracies' attention, able to call a meeting, the king flat out forbid it (literally locking the gates to the house) thus sending the people into total revolt. The Tennis Court Oath was thus made and soon after the storming of the Bastille occurred. THAT'S when things starting getting out of hand.

That's how far these people were pushed before actually getting violent.

Now not every revolution, riot occurs for these reasons (or even get this violent), I get that, but you'd think these people would be a bit more intelligent. Elder is not an aristocrat. Yes, the Eldest system works somewhat like a Monarchy, yet Elder doesn't live in luxury, he's not taking a bigger piece of any pie. Can't they see that? Plus, what do they want? Food? don't they get it that they're on a SHIP. That they have limited supplies to use to grow food? I mean, SOMEONE among them has to see this. Not just Elder or the Shippers. Not Amy. Someone not within the plots circle. (And i wouldn't mind if this someone made a move against Elder, but a more intelligent move. Not just shouting out against Elder, dismantling him. It could have been done so much better and efficient, this revolting)

3. Orion's clues. Why clues? Why doesn't he just write a big fat letter or a nice video explaining everything? Why must he send Amy and Elder on some wild goose chase--oh because someone has to tamper with the clues and thicken the plot. (this is related to the bad number one, but the clues really stuck out as a problem)

4.Amy. Last book Amy's angst was justified. The girl had just woken up a hundred years too early on a ship full of drugged up people. She'd never see the sky again, nor her parents smiling. So yea, she has every right to be upset, to run and slam her fists. But it's been three months. THREE WHOLE MONTHS and she's still angsting up the place. I get it, you can't fully get over what has happened, but MOVE THE FUCK ON. She really rubbed me the wrong way sometimes. She'd complain about being called a freak yet she never made an effort to prove what kind of person she was. People complained about her not working, and the truth was, SHE WASN'T WORKING. She didn't contribute to the ship. She didn't want to. She didn't want to call the ship home. Anytime Elder or someone would disagree with her opinion, she'd throw a fit. I'd call this stubborn if she'd been more reasonable, but it's selfishness. And selfishness can be a character's flaw, but when it's occurs over and over, then it becomes a problem. A problem that hinders the character's persona.

In short, Amy's became an annoying brat in this book.

If you liked Across the Universe you'll like A Million Suns. You may not like it as much (or you may like it more) but it's a decent sequel and i'll be here to finish the series (hopefully it will be done by the third book).

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